Married Estate Planning (with adult children)

At Your Caring Law Firm, we recognize that all families are modern families! Very rarely do we see generations of family where there are not blended families, special children, and some very complicated situations.

We are creative, sophisticated planners with strong business and tax backgrounds. We devote many hours annually to our own education, so that as legislation changes, we give our clients every possible advantage and consideration in their plans.

Planning around your dreams and concerns at this stage is a cornerstone of our practice. Most of our blogs and articles are written with some humor, but we sincerely recognize the richness of family, and the many challenges in protecting its traditions, legacy, and assets.


Frequently Asked Questions

If there are relatively few assets in my estate, won’t a Will suffice?

We find that many people underestimate the complexity of their estate as well as their assets. Even if your estate is not large enough to be taxable, it can still benefit you to make sure that what is passed on to your children is protected from predators, creditors and their exes.

Probate can be expensive and time-consuming. Please see our popular blog, If an Estate Plan were a Car

Understanding Estate Planning
We hope that these resources may answer some of your initial questions.

Also see our guide to basic estate planning legal documents here.

Client Information Packet
Client Info Packet

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